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Cooperation regarding infrastructure management:

The Finnish Transport Agency controls the development and use of the nationwide transport system. The regional development work is carried out in cooperation with the provinces and municipalities. The provinces are responsible for the planning of the transport system in their own regions.

The Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) are in charge of the condition of the road network and the development in their own regions. The condition and development of railways and waterways on the other hand are the responsibility of the Finnish Transport Agency.

The Finnish Transport Agency is responsible for the traffic management on roads, waterways and railways as well as for the passenger information on the railway stations.

Planning, maintenance and building are procured from service providers.


The Parliament decides on the funding of the infrastructure management. The Ministry of Transport and Communications allocates the funds for roads, railways and waterways to the Finnish Transport Agency.

Infrastructure management (maintenance, financing of public transport, traffic management and small-scale investments) are funded from the state budget.

The Parliament decides on large investments (new connections and extension of old ones) separately in connection with the budget process.


The Finnish Transport Agency's operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

The Finnish Transport Agency is responsible for the operations control in the traffic and infrastructure sector of the ELY Centres. One third of the transport funds is used by the ELY Centres (road management, public transport, subsidies for private roads, commuter ferry traffic). The Finnish Transport Agency monitors the use of the funding by means of operational performance agreements. 

The Ministry of Employment and the Economy exercises the general administrative control over the ELY Centres.

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