is a single access point to reliable and up to date information related to winter navigation in the Baltic Sea area. This site gathers information and instructions from icebreaking authorities from all the Baltic Sea countries. Information is available free of charge and meant for users of winter navigation information at the Baltic Sea.

Daily updated ice chart of the whole Baltic Sea area is available in pdf format. Ice chart data is also viewable in Ice Map -window, where it is possible to move, zoom in and out, and measure distances and directions on the ice map. The data is viewable in different WMO styles.

The aim of the site is to extend the knowledge of winter navigation and prevailing conditions in the area during ice season. Website is commissioned and financed by Baltic Icebreaking Management (BIM), which has members from all Baltic Sea countries, and co-financed by the European Commission through the programme for trans-European transport network. Read more about BIM





Simplified ice map.
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Call for ice accretion observations
Call for visibility observations
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Baltic Sea Icebreaking Report 2011-2012
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